Q & A with the creator of BAMN Apparel: Luke Wilson


Who are you?:

My name is Luke Wilson. I am the creator and owner of BAMN Apparel Australia. 

What does BAMN stand for?:

BAMN stands for "By Any Means Necessary". The phrase originally appeared in French intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre's play Dirty Hands, in 1963. A year later, Malcolm X made the phrase famous during his speech at the founding rally of  the Organization of Afro-American Unity. For us as a brand it has a much broader meaning. It signifies unity, equality, equal rights, fairness, togetherness and family. We stand by these beliefs and will deliver them through our products - By Any Means Necessary.

Explain the "Human Cut Tee":

The Human Cut Tee came about after years of working in retail. I've owned and worn every cut of tee you can think of! Yet, no matter how much I loved a tee, there would always be something that bugged me. Regular cut tees were wide and short as well as baggy on the arms - It kinda felt like you were a kid wearing your dads tee. Slim Fit tees look good if you're either skinny or go to the gym a lot! Anything outside of those two options and a slim fit can be the least forgiving tshirt ever. Keeping all this in mind, i wanted to design a tee that fit better, so i got to work making a pro's and con's list of all the things i did and didn't like about my favourite tees - That's how i came up with the features of the Human Fit Tee. 

Where can we find BAMN Apparel?:

Right now BAMN Apparel is available exclusively online via bamnapparel.com

What challenges have you faced while trying to create a new brand?:

Where do i start?! There's a lot of work that goes into designing a product, as well as finding the right manufacturer to make it too. Predominantly, the product design and market validation have been the hardest and most time consuming parts of this process. I've also financed the whole thing myself and spend every spare second i have tweaking, developing and adjusting every plan, design and product until i'm happy with it. I'm my harshest critic!

What are the plans for BAMN?:

The future of BAMN has many paths. At the moment our product range includes our 3 core products and for now we are focusing on brand integrity and spreading the word! The next stage will be growing our product range as well as selecting some local stockists to represent us.


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